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Hillsboro Upgrades

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Hillsboro Upgrades

Our network team has designed the upgrades and received equipment to improve broadband in and around Hillsboro, Mechanicsville, Eubanks, Wheatland, and Morrisonville! During today’s snow and rain, we spent the morning assembling transmission equipment.
We will begin upgrading equipment for existing wireless customers in May. The improved service will be many times faster than current offerings.
Wireless customers whose equipment is ready for an upgrade will receive a notification email. Customers may then call our support team at 703-554-6600 to set up an appointment to receive their free equipment upgrade.
In addition to upgrading wireless broadband in these areas, All Points Broadband will be providing fiber-to-the-home for eligible neighborhoods. If you and your neighbors are interested in becoming an All Points Broadband fiberhood, please contact
Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates!

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