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Update: Network Upgrades

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Update: Network Upgrades

Roadstar Network Upgrade 60% Complete and Ahead of Schedule – Loudoun Wireless Upgrade Underway
The past few months have been very busy for the All Points Operations Team. We’re pleased to report that the upgrade of the former Roadstar Internet network is more than 60% complete and ahead of schedule.
While the upgrades to the equipment in any specific area of the network are ongoing, customers do not see the full benefit of the new infrastructure because we have to reserve capacity for customers on the old equipment. Once customers have received an email or call from our team to let you know that you’re eligible for an upgrade, we ask that you respond and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. This will help accelerate the upgrade process and improve service for you and your neighbors.

Our team has also started work on upgrades to the core infrastructure that serves former customers of Loudoun Wireless and – these upgrades are required in order to support new equipment and faster speeds at customer locations. We have already increased the overall capacity of the former Loudoun Wireless network by 25%. We expect to begin scheduling upgrades to the equipment at the locations of former Loudoun Wireless customers by the end of July.
An upgrade of this scale and complexity is a massive undertaking. While we are doing everything possible to make it seamless for customers, we sometimes fall short of this goal. We appreciate the patience and support of our customers while these long-overdue upgrades are performed.

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