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Network Upgrades in Aldie

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Network Upgrades in Aldie

Today one of our network upgrade teams is in Aldie working on phase two of a three-phase project to improve broadband in the area. We were honored that Supervisor-Elect Tony Buffington stopped by to check in on our progress. Mr. Buffington understands the importance of improved Internet service and has been following our upgrades since the beginning of his campaign.

“Thank you for your efforts and investment,” Mr. Buffington told the upgrade team. “Its great news for Loudoun that we have a local business investing private capital to address a critical need.”
After today’s upgrades are operational, network capacity in the Aldie area will increase ten-fold. Once the third phase of the upgrade is complete later this month, All Points will have increased network capacity fifty times. We will also be able to offer service to residents and businesses on the west side of town, where service was previously unable.
Our support teams will be contacting existing customers who can now receive service on our upgraded network to schedule installations. Other Aldie residents who want service should contact our sales team at or 704-554-6600 (ext. 3).
As All Points’ Field Operations Manager Josh Neely said, “Aldie is a great example of how All Points’ larger scale and resources translate into benefits for the communities we serve. Because of the other investments we’ve made in Loudoun, we’re able to bring faster speeds and unlimited data to existing customers, and to expand our coverage to new areas. We’ve made a lot of progress this year and are working as hard as possible to finish deploying upgrades.”

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