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Winter Storm Preparation

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Winter Storm Preparation

The All Points Team is preparing for the potential weather event this weekend. Due to the incoming winter storm, the office will be closing at Noon today. Please check our website for updated information about outages. Customers should note that if the power is out at your home, your internet will not be running either. However, in the event that there is a network outage, our major sites our backed up by generators. In the event of a prolonged power outage at any of our major sites or any other unpredictable events, our policy is to address issues that affect the largest number of customers first; and we will do so when it is safe to perform field work. If you would like to report any issues, the best way to contact us over the weekend is by calling us at (703)554-6600 and leaving a message or by using the cellular data on your cell phone to go to and report any issues or outages.
Additionally, we hope you enjoy our first winter snow of the season. Stay safe and warm, folks!

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