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Open Internet: All Points' Commitment to Our Customers

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Open Internet: All Points' Commitment to Our Customers

A Free and Open Internet, No Paid Prioritization, Clear Terms of Service, and Respect for your Privacy.  Period.
When we founded All Points Broadband, we started with a fundamental premise: people deserve better Internet.  We built our company around this.  Better Internet means our customers get the full and open Internet, and nothing less.
Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of attention, in the media and elsewhere, regarding recent regulatory changes at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), on a subject commonly referred to as “Internet Freedom” or “Net Neutrality.”
Advocates on both sides of the public debate have oversimplified this complex and nuanced issue.  One thing that is clear and simple—and that will not change—is All Points’ commitment to a free and open Internet, guided by the following basic principles:
1) We do not block or throttle any lawful content unless it is necessary to manage congestion.
2) We do not prioritize one competing service or application over another.
3) We endeavor to disclose our terms of service in clear terms.
4) We support robust privacy protections for our customers.
We do employ various traffic management techniques—in a neutral and non-discriminatory manner—to ensure that our customers have the best overall experience.  For example, during periods of peak congestion, we may limit the portion of your connection that is allocated to all those automatic software upgrades that are frequently (and without your knowledge) running in the background.  We do this because, over the years, we’ve learned from communications with customers that this provides you with a better overall experience.
The specifics of how we implement these basic principles are described on our website.  Once the revised rules adopted by the FCC take effect, we will comply with those rules and update our website accordingly; however, our commitment to the four principles listed above will not change.
We appreciate the trust you place in us as your Internet service provider and we will continue to be guided by the four principles above.
-Jimmy Carr
Chief Executive Officer
On Behalf of the Entire All Points Team

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